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About Us

Every successful business starts with a great idea. The idea behind ZIL was to offer reliable and high quality beauty solutions to customers through a skin cleansing range. With this idea in mind, we started our journey in 1954 and set up operations in Karachi, with a factory located at Hyderabad. Our range of soaps were a success with Pakistani consumers and the Company has not looked back. Our product portfolio grew steadily. We bought Zulfeqar Industries Ltd. (a defunct factory incorporated in 1960 as a private limited company for producing and marketing laundry and toilet soaps) to expand our capacity and adopted the name (Zulfeqar Industries Ltd.) in November 1980.

In November 1986, the company was converted from a private limited company to a public limited company and was subsequently listed in Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges.

With our Head Office in Karachi, our network of sales and distribution has expanded to all parts of the country, enabling Pakistanis to enjoy our high quality products and benefit from our expertise in skin and fabric wash.

The Ali Family

The Ali family established a soap manufacturing facility in Hyderabad in 1954 with the aim to provide quality beauty solutions to the people of Pakistan. The Ali family has nothing in mind but a great idea and a vision to “give individuals, families and communities propositions that enrich their lives, across categories.” Pursuing this vision, ZIL Limited has been continuously evolving its products and processes. Many notable visionaries such as Syed Maratib Ali, Syed Wajid Ali and Syed Asad Ali have been part of this great legacy and contributed to the success of the company.

Journey of 50 Years

Our journey began when a great visionary, Syed Maratib Ali, laid the foundation of our company using the fortune he earned in real estate and agricultural sector. The business formally started when the then ZIL’s Chairman Syed Wajid Ali bought Sind Oil Mills situated in Hyderabad, Sindh.

From stepping into the business of beauty and well-being to become one of the leading companies in the industry, our journey of over 5 decades has helped us streamline and improve our processes, operations and products to meet the needs of our customers.

Syed Maratib Ali

Syed Maratib Ali (Late)

Founder & Chairman


A great visionary Founded a formidable industrial group of businesses with fortune earned in the real estate & agricultural sector.

Syed Wajid Ali (Late)

Syed Wajid Ali (Late)



Syed Wajid Ali (Late Chairman of ZIL) negotiated and bought Sind Oil Mills situated in Hyderabad, Sindh.
Simultaneously 2 other factories were being set up:
Razor Blade Plant in Bombay in collaboration with American Safety Razor Company
(ASR) & Banaspati Plant from Bhopal India

Soap Bussiness

Return of the Soap Business
to the Private Sector & Original Ownership

Syed Asad Ali (late)

Syed Asad Ali (Late)
MD 1984-1998

ZIL’s Portfolio

Our portfolio consists of widely recognized personal care and laundry brands including:
Capri Soaps
Capri Hand Wash
King Swan

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