Capri Moisturizing Aloe-Nurture Extracts

Take care of your skin naturally with Capri Aloe-Nurture Extracts. The soap contains honey and milk proteins that will give you a velvety soft and smooth skin.

Capri Strawberry Softeners

Drawing its power from rose petal and milk proteins, Capri Strawberry Softeners helps you get a radiant and glowing skin, naturally.

Capri Nourishing Peach

If you love a healthy glowing skin, then Capri Nourishing Peach is the soap you should use. This moisturizing bar with nourishing peach and milk proteins will make your skin soft and supple.

Capri Purifying Green Tea

Regular use of Capri Purifying Green Tea helps you keep your skin clear, bright and vibrant. Whereas, the wild orchid extracts in it naturally moisturize your skin.

Capri Vitalizing Water

Enhance your beauty with Capri Vitalizing Water Lily. The soap contains sea minerals that will keep your skin fresh and hydrated all the time.